Intensive Russian Course for Beginners

You or your guests don’t have much time and want to:

  • learn to speak Russian from scratch?
  • prepare for an exam in Russian as a foreign language?
  • learn the rules of etiquette accepted in Russian-speaking countries of Eastern Europe?

Educational center «Lektorium» is offering you intensive Russian courses of 7, 14, 21 or 28 days duration.

A week (7 days) course includes 42 academic hours (6 ac. hours per day).

This course is designed for those who:

  • want to learn to read in Russian in a short period of time and to get to know Russian words essential for everyday speaking (about 200 words);
  • make occasional visits to Minsk and want to learn Russian with the help of intensive courses;
  • want to master a particular language fragment, for example, Russian verbs of motion, Russian numerals, or to learn rules of behavior in specific situations (business communication and so on).

The cost of this course (42 academic hours) is 630 BYN, which means 1 hour costs 15 BYN (6 euros).

Two-, three- and four-week intensive Russian courses are designed for foreigners wishing to improve their knowledge of Russian in a short period of time.

We offer daily classes of 5 hours length, which makes 90, 105 and 140 hours per course (day offs are optional). Studies show that more intensive training is less effective in the end.


  • a two-week course (90 academic hours) – 1350 BYN.
  • a three-week course (105 academic hours) – 1575 BYN.
  • a four-week course (140 academic hours) – 2100 BYN.

Thus, 1 hour costs only 50 000 BYR (less than 5 euros).

Have any questions? Call us or write to us.

We are happy to help you to learn Russian.